Oh hello, there WordPress. I didn’t forget about you…

I’ve just been busy and lazy to be honest.  But mostly busy.  

Since the last post, I graduated from San Jose State University, quit my two jobs, moved from San Jose to San Francisco, started my internship at one of the funnest PR agencies in San Francisco, had a few interviews that went well till they didn’t, oh and had my car stolen.  And now  I’m traveling down to my home town which is probably 5 hours using public transportation more than I used to for whatever reason. 🙂 Sigh. Don’t believe me? Check out my Instagram..which is now featured on my sidebar.

So there will be a few changes to my blog.  Now that I am not taking a social media class, my posts will be a little different. I will continue to post about social media but include other topics. Since I have been moving around a bit and am planning to continue moving around, I will probably start posting about traveling, new foods I try, and lots and lots of photos (hopefully).

Now..to begin with what has been going on these past couple months, the biggest thing right now is my internship.  I graduated with a major in Advertising and a focus on Marketing so it’s different than what I am used to.  But it’s been great to get experience in another field. I have really been enjoying  it.  The people I work with are great, the location, the type of projects I get.  I came home today happy because I was busy all day.  Today I: wrote a Media Alert, researched local media in another state for one of our clients and helped with a listing.  Previously, I have helped with social media analytics (yay)! This included tedious amounts of time on the social media for one of our biggest clients.  

Since my company is right smack in the middle of Financial District, I have been getting a feel for more of the city. I had my first sushiritto, tried out some of the local breweries, walked to North Beach, went on a fantastic trail, and more.  

I will try to be on top of this again! So expect more from me!! 



Live Tweeting for Sugarcon

I had such a great experience at SugarCon this year.  For a bit I thought I was not going to be able to participate because of some car troubles. Luckily,  JP Rastrullo who was in charge  of finding volunteers gave me the chance to still attend.  

Upon arrival, Stella, Samantha and I met up with him at the lobby. There I was provided with a cool SugarCon shirt, and some information about the different sessions and what kind of Tweets I should be sending out. I was excited and ready to begin.

My first session was in conference room 7.  The name of it was  “Social CRM: A Day in the Life of A Digital IBMer” It was exactly what it sounded like.  The speaker, gave me such gems like 

We were also asked to take selfies with other people attending the conference.  This I found to be a difficult task.  My shyness got in the way of it.

The next session was about CRM’s unique service provided to Veterans.  This one blew my mind because I wasn’t aware that they provided these.

After that, I went back downstair where there was food and different stands.  I picked up some refreshments and walked around.    There were booths for Hootsuite, and some other companies.  At Hootsuite I picked up a cool iPhone case!

The last session I went to was titled “Building your Individual Brand to Extend Your Sales Reach”  This was probably the best one, in my opinion just because it was about using Social Media to build your own personal brand which I am very interested.  At the end he gave us a few tips to get more followers and to become a bigger influence on the online world: Create remarkable content, using humor demystifying buzzwords, being slightly controversial and creating a good network.

Overall, it was a great experience and I was excited to be in that type of environment.  I would love to live tweet again for CRM or for any type of marketing convention/conference.

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Social Media and Women

A couple of weeks ago I was setting up the outside patio to the bar I work at when I glanced over at the Metro.  I usually look through them real quick just to check out the articles and bands and movies that are out.  Honestly, I don’t really read through all or sometimes even any articles but this one caught my attention right away because it was about social media. When I reached to get it and brought it closer I realized that it was about the effects of social media on women.  My first reaction was to get annoyed, even defensive. I thought “Great, another article telling me how horrible it is to be a girl and that we are all frail and vulnerable.  But when I finally got to the article, it turned out to be about so much more.

Before I go into the article I would like to call attention to a post by Buzzfeed that shows and example of how the internet is being used to attack people, this one a 21 year old women.  Lindsay Bottos is a “photography major and gender studies minor, runs a Tumblr page where she often uploads selfies as well as pictures of her work.” Because of her selfies, she started receiving a lot of hate mail ( a lot of which was uploaded by Anonymous accounts.)  This is not a unique instance either. Amanda Hess reported in her article Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet We are more likely to report being stalked and harassed on the Internet—of the 3,787 people who reported harassing incidents from 2000 to 2012 to the volunteer organization Working to Halt Online Abuse, 72.5 percent were female.”  

What both the Buzzfeed and the Metro article have in common though is it shows examples of how women are using the internet as a tool to fight back.  Lindsay Bottos started a feminist art project titled “Anonymous” where she screen caps the hate emails over her selfies, calling out her cowardly haters. Since posting this art project, she has started to receive a great deal of messages of support.

This quote by her touched me deeply when I first read it many months ago.  Before reading this I thought of selfies in a whole different light but I have grown to agree with Bottos.

“The act of women taking selfies is inherently feminist, especially in a society that tries so hard to tell women that our bodies are projects to be worked on and a society that profits off of the insecurities that it perpetuates. Selfies are like a ‘fuck you’ to all of that, they declare that ‘hey I look awesome today and I want to share that with everyone’ and that’s pretty revolutionary.”

Now, on to the article that started this all.  It starts out going into the ways that the media have portrayed women as victims in this internet hate-storm.  Like  I said, many articles have been written about this subject.  And up until the middle of the article was when i realized this article was going a whole other way.  I realized it when the author asked Why isn’t there as much  research going into the way the internet is affecting 45 year old men? I know, this is a funny question.  But it is still a good point.  We live in a society where “Young women are historically condescended to, fetishized, and vulnerable to gendered violence or predation.” This is just another way that the media can call attention to this.  Our society wants to protect girls all the time, but this is a fundamentally sexist thing to do.  That is just the type of society we live in.  

The article gets even better when it goes into how girls and women are finding ways to fight back and even get allies.  One great example was from Julia Bluhm, a teenager who launched a Change.org petition requesting that Seventeen magazine stop retouching its models, who then gathered more than 84,000 signatures and received a concession from the magazine itself.

Overall, I was just happy to read an article that showed a different light on women and showed how social media could be used positively.


Coachella and Social Media

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (commonly known simply as Coachella or the Coachella Festival) is an annual two-weekend, three-day music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. (wikipedia)

Also, a festival I missed out on because of reasons not important.  I actually heard about tickets on Twitter and was able to sell them with the help of Facebook.  So here’s the story of how I used social media to help me get tickets, sell them, and hear about Coachella with the help of my lovely friend, social media.

The idea came to me to buy tickets the day they were going to sell. Now, if you have tried buying tickets you will know that they sell out not more than 1 hour after they release them.  I knew this, and since I didn’t really have a plan I ended up forgetting about it.  Till a couple days after when I brought it up to a coworker and we decided to go.  That very same day, I was on Twitter when lo and behold my friend posted something on Twitter saying that she was going to trying to sell 2 tickets to Coachella!!! So I sent her a Direct Message (DM) and from there I had two tickets.

But, things came up, which they always do in life, and I was not able to go.  I messaged my friend hoping it wouldn’t bother her, which it didn’t. She simply asked me to help her sell the tickets. So I posted something about it on both Twitter and Facebook.  Not a week later, I got a reply back from two friends asking for the tickets! I DM both and was able to smoothly sell the tickets.  And just like that, I bought and sold tickets.

Though I was not able to attend I have been able to keep track of how the festivities have gone. Through other posts I found out about the 5 most-Tweeted moments at Coachella!

The most talked about was the cameos of various artists including: Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Jay-Z. Also, one of my favorite stars Lana Del Rey debuted one of her songs. And of course, the reunion of Outkast.



Social Media in my Life

I have noticed lately that I have been ignoring certain social media sites.  I go through phases where I am hooked on a certain app and then out of no where I lose interest.  Like Twitter for example, I must have ignored it for two weeks.  I went from checking it religiously, before bed in between my day and as soon as i woke up to ignoring it all together.  What is the deal with this? And does anyone else go through this same pattern?



What is so cool about Snapchat and why are businesses starting to use it?

I downloaded the Snapchat app about a year ago.  I had no idea what I was doing and would only send them out to a few select friends.  Since then, my group of friends has grown and my score has been increasing and increasing.  What is it about it that is so appealing?

People who have no idea what Snapchat is are always asking this question.  As well as, “Can’t you just send a picture over text?” Well, let me go into what a basic “Snap” is:

You take a goofy picture of yourself, you can add some filters to make it look fancy or even draw on it with the pencil tool. You choose how many seconds you want the receiver to watch it for and send it out.  After that, the receiver watches it and it disappears!

The  fact that it is a totally disposable form of picture taking is what is so appealing and its why I have not added it to my list of failed apps that have been erased from my phone.  You can take a picture of anything. ANYTHING and not have to care about the quality, what you look like, or whether it will be good enough to get enough likes. You just send it out and suddenly your friends are getting updates about you.

Another appealing attribute to Snapchat is that it allows user to practice their creativity. You can just search online and look up “Funny/Creative/clever Snapchats” and a long list will appear.  Here’s one  I found (some might be NSFW) With the freedom of not having to make your pictures look “perfect” people are able to take a picture or draw on a picture without having to worry about likes or even whether it is appropriate.

With the popularity of this app growing, businesses have been adding it to their list of advertising techniques.  It is now being called ephemeral marketing (AKA temporary social media marketing)

In this article from B2C, they showcased 5 big brands who have begun to include Snapchat into their marketing.

Companies are using this kind of marketing for two things :

Increase Brand Awareness: Generate excitement around a new product or service.

Drive a Specific Marketing Action: Ad hoc offers such as discounts, coupons, and promotions.

Usually they also incorporate other media into the mix, using Twitter or Facebook to either ask users to send them Snaps or to showcase Snaps that they enjoyed seeing.

We’ll see how they continue to use Snapchat.



I just recently an article on The Bold Italic saying that SF took #11th in selfiest city in the world. Okay, first of all, is “selfiest” a word now? My computer doesn’t seem to think so because it keeps changing it to selfish, i mean pretty similar?

Well, selfie had a good year, last year when it was named the word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary  Read more about it here This year, it got an even greater boost with the help of Ellen Degeneres and many other stars.  Her selfie broke a Twitter record, being retweeted more than 1 million times.


But even when it has been recognized as a word, there are still people out there against them.  Saying that is a form narcissism, need for attention, even “a cry for help”

Whatever your opinion is of them, the truth is selfies are here to stay.  So love them or hate them they will still be shared.